Affiliations (Memberships): International Association of Emergency Managers, (-Present); Ohio Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association; Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association; U.S. Trotting Association; The American Association of University Women, (AAUW),(-Present)

Awards: Employee of the Year, ARC, Columbus, Ohio

Creative Works: Author: MIS Manual, 1992

Civic: Lifetime member, Girl Scouts, Adult Support, (-Present); Fundraising Chair, United Way, Columbus, 1990-91; Director, National Standardbred-Pleasure Horse Organization, 1989-2003; President, Central Ohio Driving Association, Mount Vernon, 1992-Present


Book Editions: Who’s Who in America – 2016, 70th Edition (pub. 2016); Who’s Who in America – 2015, 69th Edition (pub. 2014); Who’s Who in America – 2012, 66th Edition (pub. 2011); Who’s Who in America – 2011, 65th Edition (pub. 2010); Who’s Who in America – 2003, 57th Edition (pub. 2002); Who’s Who in the Midwest – 1994-1995, 24th Edition (pub. 1994); Who’s Who of American Women – 2010-2011, 28th Edition (pub. 2010); Who’s Who of American Women – 2007, 26th Edition (pub. 2006); Who’s Who of American Women – 2002-2003, 23rd Edition (pub. 2002); Who’s Who of American Women – 2001-2002, 22nd Edition (pub. 2000)

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